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Science Lab

Broader Impacts

Breakthroughs in sustainability research will impact everyone.  Innovations in sustainability thus will lead to wide-ranging societal impact.  The AIMEMS program is aligned with existing UChicago graduate programs, strategically leverages world-class analytical, computational, and manufacturing expertise and facilities at Argonne with billions of dollars of investment from the U.S. government, and will lead to sustainable training programs at UChicago.  Graduates from AIMEMS will have technical and professional skills to effectively lead an interdisciplinary team to responsibly solve global challenges in a rapidly evolving environment.  Their ability to effectively communicate, work in teams, lead, teach, and mentor will make them versatile STEM research professionals.  AIMEMS is fully dedicated to deepening the educational impact on STEM diversity, creating leadership and research opportunities for women, along with disabled and minority populations. We will accomplish this through various educational, training and outreach activities by leveraging existing diversity programs at UChicago and Argonne, and our partnership with NSF INCLUDES and minority-serving institutions.   

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