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Science Lab

Intellectual Merit

Engineering materials and systems at the molecular level offers the most exciting opportunity to design and tune material/system properties towards various applications, while use-inspired research driven by sustainability could lead to tremendous societal benefits.  New interdisciplinary courses and course modules around AI/ML, APS-U analytical tools, Aurora computational tools, and MERF scalable manufacturing will equip NRT trainees with specific technical skills.  Students will take part in specifically designed professional training programs particularly in science communication, teaching & mentor, leadership & management, and career exploration & preparedness.  NRT trainees will carry out team-based, convergent research projects in molecular engineering of various soft and hard materials and assembly of these materials into systems toward water, energy, polymer, and sustainability applications. The NRT program highlights close connection between the training elements and the convergent research theme; high degree of interdisciplinarity to promote high-impact synergies among various disciplines; rich professional development training for a range of research and research-related career pathways, both within and outside academia; strategic recruitment, mentoring, and retention plans to broaden participation. 

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