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Science Lab


NRT Professional Skills Seminar – Entrepreneurship and Innovation

NRT Professional Skills Seminar - Networking Fundamentals

NRT Professional Skills Seminar - Working with Students with Disabilities

NRT Professional Skills Seminar - IP and Technology Commercialization

NRT Professional Skills Seminar - Team Formation and Teamwork

NRT Professional Skills Seminar - Navigating Policy as a Scientist

NRT Professional Skills Seminar - Honing Communication Skills for Conferences and Meetings

PME Career Development

  • PME Science Communications Program – workshop series with capstone projects; experiential and practice-focused introduction to effective science communication 

  • PME Graduate Student Mentor Training Series – workshop series led by PME faculty members and staff; topics include addressing equity and inclusion and promoting professional development; discussions utilize case studies developed by CIMER

  • MENG 4030: PME Research Professionalization Seminar – 1st year seminar; build professional competencies and foster understanding of the roles/responsibilities of researchers; topics include research ethics, leadership in the lab, freedom of expression, and equity/diversity/inclusion

Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation - wide variety of experiential learning-based programs, events, workshops, speakers, panels, conferences, challenges, and more aimed at helping students, researchers, faculty, and community members pursue their own entrepreneurial endeavors or careers in private equity, venture, capital, entrepreneurship through acquisition, or social entrepreneurship.

PME Distinguished Colloquium Seminar Series

  • Industry Seminar Series - brings professionals to UChicago to discuss industry trends, as well as provide students and postdocs opportunities to make external contacts, ask about career options, and seek advice on job transitions. 

  • myCHOICE – trainee program that exposes, educates, and provides trainees with career options and experiences that leverage their strong research training; highlights employment opportunities focused on business, education, government policy, industry, innovation, research, and the public sector.

  • Chicago Future Manufacturing Seminar Series - features invited speakers to discuss cutting-edge research on future manufacturing (e.g., ecomanufacturing and cybermanufacturing) —working in tandem through the NSF-funded MADE-PUBLIC project to establish an intelligent, scalable, and democratized manufacturing paradigm that allows for distributed printing of low-cost, biodegradable, and recyclable electronic devices using locally identifiable resources, such as bio-based materials derived from plants.

  • PME Immunoengineering Science Hour - forum for postdoctoral scholars and graduate students from PME immuno-engineering laboratories to present and get feedback on their research.

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