Science Lab

AI-Enabled Molecular Engineering of Materials and Systems

(AIMEMS) for Sustainability

National Science Foundation (NSF) NRT Graduate Training Opportunities

The AIMEMS program trains graduate students in Molecular Engineering, Computer Science, and Social Science to become academic and industry leaders with research strengths & professional skills required to solve global challenges in sustainability


Sample AIMEMS Graduate Program of Study

NRT trainees in Molecular Engineering, Computer Science, and Social Science will work together as a cohort to produce holistic solutions to various use cases. This convergent research team model offers trainees an experiential learning environment in which they develop technical skills in artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) for molecular engineering, advanced materials characterization, super-computing, and scale-up manufacturing, while simultaneously exercising skills in leadership, communication, team-building, and mentoring.

NRT trainees will take courses developed specifically to prepare them to master state-of-the-art analytical, computational, and manufacturing tools and to position them ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving field of AI/ML. Coursework will engage AI/ML for molecular engineering, advanced materials characterization with a course module on Advanced Photon Sources – Upgrade (APS-U), high-performance supercomputing with a course module on Aurora supercomputer, and scale-up manufacturing with a course module on Materials Engineering Research Facility (MERF). Courses will be co-taught by UChicago faculty and Argonne scientists.

NRT Trainees will engage in purposeful and structured professional skill-building aimed to position them for success in the dynamic and global work environment associated with AI/ML. A mastery of key professional skills is the foundation for leadership positions in most STEM career paths. Such skills include creativity and design, oral and written communication, teamwork and leadership, interdisciplinary thinking, business and entrepreneurship acumen, and multicultural understanding.

All NRT trainees will have a team of advisers: a UChicago faculty member, an Argonne scientist, and an industry leader. They will also have access to Argonne facilities in materials characterization (e.g., APS-U, MERF, and Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) supercomputing).

• The goal of this training opportunity is to create a cohort of trainees that reflects both disciplinary and demographic diversity.

• Both Ph.D. and M.S graduate students are eligible for this opportunity.

• Applicants will be considered for stipend-supported traineeships ($40,240/year plus $2,500/year research allowance) and research-supported traineeships ($2,500/year research allowance).

To become a trainee in the AIMEMS program, please review the guidelines below:​

  • Applications from students interested in the stipend-supported, two-year traineeships ($40,240/year plus $2,500/year research allowance) should include 

  1. a CV, 

  2. a letter of intent describing both interest in the program and current or expected graduate research, and 

  3. a letter of support from their research advisor.

  • Applications from students interested in the research-supported, one-year traineeships ($2,500 research allowance) should include 

  1. a CV, 

  2. a letter of intent describing interest in the program, and 

  3. a statement of nomination from a UChicago or Argonne advisor. 

  • Full funding is available only for U.S. citizens and green-card holders, but non-citizens may participate as affiliates. 

  • All applications will be reviewed and decided upon by the NRT Executive Committee.

  • Applications can be submitted to Jennifer Nolan at any time. Interested students should subscribe to the AIMEMS listserv for updates.

We look forward to reviewing your applications, contact​ for questions.